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One of the business core of our company is export of Portuguese wines.

The range of grape varieties in Portugal is enormous, especially considering the relatively small-scale area under wine trees.

There are over 250 native indigenous grape varieties, many international ones increasingly being vinified, producing an abundant variety of different wines with distinctive personality. This variety represents significant difference in soil and climate to wine differentiation, producing original wines from the Northern regions to Madeira / Azores islands. The wines are classified by the geographic locations, which are the main ones:

  • Vinho Verde,

  • Trás-os-Montes,

  • Douro,

  • Dão,

  • Bairrada,

  • Beira Interior,

  • Lisboa,

  • Tejo,

  • Península de Setúbal,

  • Alentejo.

All of above, determine the local wines as being unique and so wonderfully different and interesting. The Portuguese take great pride in this variety, as it allows to differentiate the wines from those produced in other countries.

The main feature of our local wines from the rest of the world ones is distinctive price / quality ratio. Our wine portfolio won’t let you be disappointed and you would be pleasantly surprised of the quality and competitive and realistic price point, which will match your organoleptic expectations.


We are ready to suggest the wines that suit your expectations and objectives!

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